We are designed to react to threats, real or perceived. If a threat is perceived, energy is directed away from normal functioning in the body. The sympathetic nervous system (which branches from the central nervous system) is triggered into a 'fight or flight' response. This is all well and good if you have a large toothed mammal coming up the rear and you need to defend yourself (or even better make a hasty exit) as it is essential for survival. But experiencing physiological changes of this kind on a day to day basis is not good for your health.
Stress is the body’s reaction to our current, modern day threats which can be attributed to a whole range of factors including work or overwork, family life, grief and financial worries.The difference is that instead of the body experiencing a once off momentary change, it experiences the same changes over a prolonged period of time producing the same physiological effects. Essentially energy is being directed away from essential ar…
Acupuncture and Herbs to treat Sinus Infections
Sinusitis or sinus infection is inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Tiny holes that connect your nasal passages to your sinuses get blocked. It can be caused by a number of factors including colds and flu viruses, infection, polyps, allergies and irritants. If your sinuses can’t drain properly it causes inflammation and swelling around the nasal area. This can directly affect your breathing, cause pain, irritation, headaches and affect your day to day living.
The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a highly effective way to treat both the symptoms and the root cause of your sinusitis. Our practitioners stimulate the small channels that connect the sinuses to the nasal passages. Stimulating these congestion points increases blood flow to your sinuses and loosens mucus . This allows the mucus to drain into the nose from the sinuses and allows air to flow into the sinuses from the nose. It can also s…

Inviting You All to our Clinics for Complimentary Green Tea St Patrick's Day

Offer is Available in Care Cure Acupuncture Clinics St. Augustine Street, Galway City, Shop Street, Tuam and Lower Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire.

Care Cure Clinics Ireland has five branches across Ireland: Galway, Dun Laoghaire, Tuam, Loughrea, Longford. Contact us right now on 086-2159282 or through the online chatting service to get an instant appointment!

Fei Yan Slimming Tea Now Available in Care Cure Clinics

Feiyan Slimming Tea is a fast and effective way to aid the weight loss process. Here are just some of it's benefits.

Benefits of Fei Yan Chinese Herbal Slimming Tea
• Fei Yan Tea is a fast and effective way to aid slimming and weight loss by controlling and reducing the body's blood fat and cholesterol levels.
• The tea aids metabolism to increase the burning of calories and improve digestion and elimination.
• Fei Yan tea is an infusion prepared from medicinal plants which contain effective components for anti-Hyperlipemia and reducing fat accumulation.
• Fei Yan Tea won the Golden Prize at The First Health Product Expo of China in 1993. We have one pack of 20 tea bags for €10 and a second pack containing 2 boxes each containing a sealed foil package of 20 tea bags
How to use Fei Yan Tea
• Soak 1 tea bag in approx. 150ml of boiling water for 5 - 10 mins.
• Take 1 cup of tea in the morning and one cup of tea in the evening after meals. Mild diarrhoea may occur during the firs…

Chase Away Winter Flu and Colds with Acupuncture Defense

Beat Winter Snuffles With Chinese Medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a protective layer of energy called ‘chi we’ running the length of your body. This energy acts to prevent any outside attacks from harsh weather, viruses or bacteria entering the body.
But when the weather varies this energy is especially susceptible to attack and the body finds itself unprepared to resist the colder temperatures. When this happens the lung meridian (channel) looses it’s ‘chi we’ protection and catches cold. This leads to the immune system breaking down and allowing infections to infiltrate the body system causing coughs, sore throats, chest infections, colds and flues.

Acupuncture and herbal medicines rebalance the ‘chi we’ protection and strengthens the healing energy of the lung meridian. This helps the immune system to effectively fight off infection and maintain a healthy, strong body. Acupuncture can also be used to prevent flu and colds and unlike the Flu Injection it d…

Treat A Loved One With Care Cure Voucher This Christmas

Thinking about the perfect gift? Want to be a Bit Different but Can't Decide What? Tired of the Same old Same Old?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions then why not go all out this year and surprise your loved one with the gift of a Care Cure Acupuncture Voucher this Christmas.

The Christmas Voucher Package includes a Free Consultation in all of our Clinics in Galway City, Loughrea, Tuam, Dun Laoghaire and Longford and allows you to chose from a range of Soothing, Relaxing, Healing Treatments such as:
A Special of Acupuncture, Massage & Cupping - €70
• Acupuncture Session for Enhanced Well Being - €50
• Reflexology Session - €40 - 30 minutes - €70 for 1hour
• Chinese Massage/Acupressure €40 for 30 minutes
• Cosmetic Acupuncture €60 including facial massage
• Ear Candling - €30 for both Ears
• Cupping €20
Alternatively you can choose a value price and let the Voucher open for whatever treatment the person receiving the Gift Choses. Treatments in Clinic include Acupuncture,…

Tongue Diagnosis in Care Cure Acupuncture Clinics

When visiting our clinic for a consultation, you will be asked to stick out your tongue so our practitioner can diagnose your condition. This can seem like a very strange request, and you’re usually left to wonder what they saw there.
This article helps clarify what your practitioner sees on your tongue by clearly explaining the basics of tongue analysis, and will also show you how you can use that information to make dietary choices to benefit your overall well-being.
Basically, your tongue is a reflection of what’s happening inside your body. Natural medicine tries to find balance in your whole body.
Along with your pulse and symptom presentation, your tongue is an easily accessible way to find out what your inner landscape looks like, and can help you know what will bring you further into, or out of balance.
Shape Is your tongue thin and pointy, or is it more thick and flabby with tooth-marks around the edges? Is it quivery? Is some of it swollen while another part looks…