What is eczema?

Eczema is a kind of common allergic inflammatory dermatitis. It is profoundly disturbing to patients because of extreme itching on the affected part of skin, polymorphic skin lesions, orrhorrhea and frequent recurrence. Some people have had eczema since their babyhood. They might have been treated with many types of creams and medicines, but no improvement has been made. The itching disturbs their sleep and the skin lesions hamper their walking.

Remedy for Eczema by TCM

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), eczema is not caused by the skin itself, although it occurs on the skin. It is caused by internal pathogenic heat, dampness, wind, or mixture of them. The differentiation of these causes can be distinguished by the observation of the symptoms of affected skin, the colour of tongue and its fur, and physiological reaction.

Different remedies are then used specifically to clean away heat, remove dampness, expel wind, moist the dryness or cool the blood. This approach has been tried and tested for thousands of years. Nowadays, the types of eczema are well categorised. Their causes and effective remedies are well documented in Chinese medicine. It can be cured successfully by taking several sets of Chinese herbal medicines in normal cases although some chronic cases may need longer treatment.

As a matter of fact, the entire system of Chinese Medicine takes the similar approach. Its fundamental principle lies in two aspects. Firstly,, it takes the human body as an organic whole which has very close and inseparable relations with external natural surroundiungs. Secondly, it emphasizes that diagnosis and treatment are based on overall analysis of the cause of illness.

The General procedure of TCM treatment

1.    Firstly, the practitioner will listen to patients and find out the causes of eczema. The practitioner may advise the patients of the suitable way to deal with the causes.
2.    The practitioner will ask questions about the patient’s health and history, and check the pulse and the tongue so as to identify the organic problem and establish a treatment principle.
3. Acupuncture is a method of treatment which can unblock the vital energy of the body (Qi), regulate the function of the body.
4.    Chinese herbal treatment can be taken in the long term as a preventative. 

Dietary Assistance

To reinforce the effect of traditional Chinese medicine as well as prevent the recurrence after treatment, it is important to maintain an appropriate diet

As we know, the symptoms of eczema relating to heat. The affected parts of skin are usually diffusely red with a sensation of burning, severe itching. Sometimes patients feel hot and thirsty. A high proportion of eczema is attributed to excess heat and dampness gathering inside the body according to the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, it is recommended that patients do not consume too many food or drink which natures are hot and damp, such as lamb, cheese, hot curry, hot sauce, onion, garlic, chocolate, alcohol, milk and other dairy products.

Pork and beef are neutral in nature and generally do not aggravate the condition. Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally neutral or cold in nature that they are good for eczema. However, there are some exception of fruits and vegetables, such as peach, tangerine (not oranges) and grapes. Peaches and tangerines are warm in nature. Grapes will produce excess internal heat if consuming too much. The above is only a general guide. Please note that individuals may respond differently to different food and drink.


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