Amazing Cure for Asthma - Hay Fever - Lung Disease
San Fu Moxibusion

San Fu Moxibusion is an Amazingly Effective method for treating Asthma, Hay Fever, Poor Circulation and other Respiratory Diseases.

The treatment is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine and involves mixing a specially chosen herbal formula into a medicinal paste which is then taped by experienced acupuncturists to points on the body called acumoxa points. The paste is applied to the body 3 times every 7-10 days.

Research studies recommend that patients stick as close to the dates as possible and try to ensure that treatment is done in hot seasons like summer. It is important to have the paste taped to points mostly located on the patient's back, such as DAZHUI, FEISHU, SHENSHU.

All of these points are important to improve the immune system and the theory behind them is to expel all the bad energy and dampness, which are considered as the factors which cause the asthma, hay fever, poor circulation and respiratory diseases. All paste needs to be removed 6-8 hours after the treatment or you can remove earlier if the area is too sore.

This treatment is so popular and famed in China that Traditional Chinese Hospitals are known to have queues outside their doors on these dates with patients waiting for hours to have their points taped.

Points to Remember

  1. During the treatment the skin can blister which is normal. You can come to us to pierce the blister or you can let the water out yourself with a sterile needle.
  2. This treatment is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, has a heart condition or an allergic skin condition.
  3. During the treatment period the patient must abstain from seafood, cold food, spicy food, beef, goose, duck, peanuts and deep fried food.
  4. A bath should not be-taken in the first 10 hours.
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