Eliminate Reoccuring Cold and Flu Infections with Care Cure Acupuncture

Winter is here – and with it stuffy colds, coughs, chest infections, sore throats and energy draining flues. Good news is that by treating yourself to Acupuncture Treatments and healthy doses of Chinese Herbal Medicines you can prevent or eliminate these annoying symptoms and maintain a fit, active, lifestyle.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a protective layer of energy called ‘chi we’ running the length of your body. This energy acts to prevent any outside attacks from harsh weather, viruses or bacteria entering the body.

 But when the weather varies this energy is especially susceptible to attack and the body finds itself unprepared to resist the colder temperatures. When this happens the lung meridian (channel) looses it’s ‘chi we’ protection and catches cold. This leads to the immune system breaking down and allowing infections to infiltrate the body system causing coughs, sore throats, chest infections, colds and flues.

 Acupuncture and herbal medicines rebalance the ‘chi we’ protection and strengthens the healing energy of the lung meridian. This helps the immune system to effectively fight off infection and maintain a healthy, strong body. Acupuncture can also be used to prevent flu and colds and unlike the Flu Injection it does not have any side effects.

Why put up with that nagging cough or suffer repeated bouts of infection because of a low immune system. Let us help you by booking your Free Consultation or calling 086-2425195 for further details. See www.carecure.ie.

Treats reoccurring infections, coughs, colds, tonsillitis, sinus congestion, chest infection and more.


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