Introduction of traditional Chinese medicine

Acupuncture points

Acupuncture originated in china and the basis Chinese concept of disease is that it entails an imbalance in the system of energy flow within the body. Treatment in intended to restore equilibrium, and may include acupuncture or/and herbal medicine.

Basic concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach for health
  • Holistic
The cause of a disorder is not necessarily located in the region of the symptom. Therefore our physiological irregularities, psychological factors and general character are observed to identify a “pattern of disharmony”, which presides over any injury into cause and effect.

  • Preventative
TCM diagnoses and treats energy imbalances before they become physical. To prevent conditions from arising, we are encouraged to adopt a healthy living timetable and recommend some good activities that are supportive to good health.

  • Natural
TCM uses the natural healing forces or our body to help eliminate illnesses. Symptoms of disease are not considered problems that have to be invasively corrected through surgery or drugs, but are views as signs that there is an imbalance that must be rectified.

  • Foundation
TCM identifies and treats a root cause of disease rather than treats symptoms.

  • Tailor-made
As each patient’s illness is different by his/her unique physical, mental, spiritual condition, TCM usually gives tailor-made treatment to each patient and might change medicine as time goes on.


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